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Halloween Horror Film Retrospective: It Follows

In 2014, a remarkably original horror film came out in the way of It Follows.

The plot was simple.

A near unstoppable, malevolent "ghost" is following you incessantly. Not running, or flying, just walking. It is always somewhere coming for you, but at a near leisurely, albeit deliberate, stroll. The kicker, however, was that if you were able to get laid, you would then pass this coital phantasm on to that person.

As a defense against this walking hard on, you too could run, or drive, or even fly across the globe to get away from it, but the brilliant conceit was that it was always coming. It was only a matter of time. And if it caught you, you were dead. And not only would you be dead, but it would then begin following the person who passed it on to you. It would continue down that line until it hit the original adulterer.

That conceit, the tone and cinematography of the film, and its general sense of uneasiness made it at the very least an exciting new foray in the horror g…

Anatomy of a Vegan

If you've ever known a person in the mafia, a gangbanger, or a convicted serial killer, you've effectively met a vegan. Their cold, heartless demeanor, masked behind an "animal loving" facade is right at home with Jeffrey Dahmer and his ilk.

What's most alarming about vegans is their unbridled narcissism. Vegans believe their actions and diet are in some way benefiting animals and the world. It's a God Complex, nay a Messiah Complex, but it saves nothing and benefits no one.

In looking into the psychology of vegans, we find these constants.

Their mother never loved them. Not much to add to this one. While mother complexes cause a myriad of psychological issues, from psychopathy to irritable bowel syndrome, veganism seems to always come as a side effect.They browbeat and shame those that disagree with them.Trying to argue the merits of their lifestyle with a vegan is like getting a dog to stop licking its butthole. Even though it's wrong, it feels so good t…

How do you sleep at night, VEGANS?

If you've ever met a vegan, it's a small miracle you're even reading this now after having been bludgeoned within an inch of your life by all the facts they espouse.

The truth, however, is that despite what Big Vegan would have you believe, their industry is one flush with ill-begotten cash and bogged in a trail of blood so thick you'd think you were in the Red Sea. 
Each year, vegan food harvested by any means kills millions upon millions of animals. So much so, that the very moral and ethical basis for such a lifestyle is all but completely negated.
Now do I believe animals should be treated justly? Without question. I want any and all of our livestock to be well-cared for, nay pampered, before their meeting with the Almighty. But what I will not concede is that a lifestyle that through its enactment kills scores and scores of small rodents, snakes, and all manner of God's creatures by way of combine harvesters tearing through vegan fields, is better than my own …