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How do you sleep at night, VEGANS?

If you've ever met a vegan, it's a small miracle you're even reading this now after having been bludgeoned within an inch of your life by all the facts they espouse.

The truth, however, is that despite what Big Vegan would have you believe, their industry is one flush with ill-begotten cash and bogged in a trail of blood so thick you'd think you were in the Red Sea. 

Each year, vegan food harvested by any means kills millions upon millions of animals. So much so, that the very moral and ethical basis for such a lifestyle is all but completely negated.

Now do I believe animals should be treated justly? Without question. I want any and all of our livestock to be well-cared for, nay pampered, before their meeting with the Almighty. But what I will not concede is that a lifestyle that through its enactment kills scores and scores of small rodents, snakes, and all manner of God's creatures by way of combine harvesters tearing through vegan fields, is better than my own omnivorous one.

How then does one beholden to this murderous vegan lifestyle sleep at night? By day they spread lies, if at the very least unintentional falsehoods, eating vegetables tainted with animal blood. 

Wake up and smell the brisket.

Vegan is murder.