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Ongoing Series: When the Left and Right got it horribly wrong.

These days it's hard to remain objective. When you're inundated with news on all sides, it feels nice and cozy just burrowing yourself deeper in your echo chamber. Once there, it gets easier and easier just to go with what confirms your beliefs. But alas, we all must remain vigilant in the face of the onslaught of agenda pushers and outright falsehoods that litter our news feeds, especially when it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

With that said, here is the first entry in my ongoing series where the left and right got it horribly wrong.

Claim: The IRS is targeting conservative groups.
Conclusion: Wrong

Back in 2013 reports surfaced of an alleged targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. In an era where Obama and the Democrats reigned supreme, this was a godsend to the Republican establishment. The claims, as many were convinced, were that while most non-profits could obtain tax exempt status with relative ease, those with a clear conservative bent were being t…

Now I have a Machine Gun. HO-HO-HO

In certain circles, Die Hard is celebrated not as the perennial action flick we all know and love, but as a cherished Christmas tradition. Many argue its intentional choice of setting during the Christmas season elevates the film beyond its action tropes. But could this be? In this light, a once evergreen message of violence and gore in the face of villainy would becomes a heart-warming tale of a man reuniting with his family for the holidays.

"But that isn't the point of Die Hard," you say.

"Shut up this is my article," I say.

The push to include Die Hard in the pantheon of Christmas classics isn't without controversy. The type of individual arguing so strongly for its holiday inclusion is the same person who points out semantic pedantry at the expense of everyone else's fun. See below.

In preparation for this magnum opus of an article I found these types littered across the vast wastes of the interwebs.

"Great list of the best Christmas movies. …